All commands listed here are subject to addition, modification and/or removal at any given time.

The command for toggling staff mode.: staff

The command for toggling freeze on players.: freeze

The command for examining players’ inventory: examine

The command for managing notes for players.: notes

The command for running a clicks per second test on a player: cps

The command for toggling and using staff chat.: sc

The command for reporting and managing reports.: report

The command for warning and managing warnings.: warn

The command for toggling vanish modes.: vanish

The command for chat management.: chat

The command for creating and managing tickets.: ticket

The command for alerts management.: alerts

The command for toggling player following.: follow

The command for reviving players.: revive

The command for listing staff members.: personnel

The command for logging in.: login

The command for registering a password.: register

The command for stripping a player’s armor.: strip

The command for clearing a players inventory: clear

The command for resetting a users password: resetPassword

The command to change your own password: changepassword



All permissions listed here are subject to addition, modification and/or removal at any given time.

Use this to give a player all Staff+ permissions. Take note that this will NOT give the player the block permission. This also gives the player permission to toggle other player’s vanish, staff mode, and etc.: staff.*

Permission for blocking listed commands at blocked-commands and blocked-mode-commands.: staff.block

Permission for clearing/getting player reports.:

Permission for bypassing reports.:

Permission for using /warn and clearing/getting player warnings.: staff.warn

Permission for bypassing warnings.: staff.warn.bypass

Permission for using staff chat.: ``staff.staffchat`

Permission for using /v total.:

Permission for using /v list.: staff.vanish.list

Permission for using /chat clear.:

Permission for using /chat toggle.:

Permission for using /chat slow.:

Permission for bypassing the word blacklist.: staff.blacklist

Permission for managing tickets.:

Permission for receiving mention alerts.: staff.alerts.mention

Permission for receiving name change alerts.: staff.alerts.namechange``

Permission for receiving xray alerts.: staff.alerts.xray

Permission for toggling staff mode.: staff.mode

Permission for using the staff mode compass: staff.compass

Permission for using the staff mode random teleport: staff.random-teleport

Permission for the staff mode GUI hub: staff.gui

Permission for the staff mode counter GUI: staff.counter

Permission for using freeze.: staff.freeze

Permission for bypassing freeze.: staff.freeze.bypass

Permission for initializing clicks per second tests: staff.cps

Permission for using examine: staff.examine

Permission for editing inventories with examine.: staff.examine.modify

Permission for using staff mode follow: staff.follow

Permission for locking/unlocking the server.: staff.lockdown

Permission for giving a player’s previous inventory back.: staff.revive

Permission for being noted as a staff member in the staff list command and for login. This also excludes the player from being randomly teleported to!: staff.member

Permission for using /strip.: staff.strip

Permission for use /tp:

Permission for using /staffplus: staff.staffplus

Use this for players who’s ip should not be shown in examine mode: staff.staffplus.hideip

Permission for using the clear inventory config: staff.staffplus.clearinv

Permission for using the /resetPassword command: staff.staffplus.resetpassword